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Our Values

We are proud of our values and you can expect them to be reflected in all of the services we provide.


With Crosby Housing people
know who we are and where
we are. We are a tangible,
visible presence in the places
and communities where we
work, not some distant,
corporate call centre.

We believe our services work
because they are personal,
dependent on clear, one-to-one
relationships between residents,
colleagues and partners.

And with Crosby Housing there
is no buck passing. We face up
to real situations as they arise,
listening, responding and
getting them sorted.


We recognise, encourage and
celebrate difference.
And operate with the grace and
sensitivity to take risks and
believe in the innate good nature
of people.

Our systems and ways of
working are tolerant and
non-judgmental enough to
recognise when any situation
requires time and calm
reflection to resolve it, for the
mutual benefits of everyone involved.


We are driven by our need to
get things done in practical,
flexible, hands-on ways.
We are always innovating
and looking for new ways to
do a lot with a little, rather 
than just throwing money at
any issues or needs.

And, proudly independent as
we are, we also recognise the
practical benefits of joining with
other organisations as we need
to, to improve things for Crosby
Housing residents and the wider
communities where we work.


We are here for the long haul.
A permanent and reliable community
based resource within Sefton.
Our place defines us.

We are proud of our financial security,
that we own our own offices and
housing stock. And that in all of the
ways we operate, we are building on
the legacy of individually focused local
service that has driven us since 1969.