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Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Crosby Housing Association will make every effort to prevent or stop any anti-social behaviour whether its tenants who are the victims or the perpertrators.

We are involved in many partnerships with the local councils, police, fire services and other landlords and we share information and resources to tackle ASB together. 

What to do if you are a victim of ASB

Some problems can be resolved simply by talking to the individuals involved. For example, people are often willing to reduce noise once they realise it is causing neighbours a problem. However if the problem persists:

contact us or report ASB online

Please include whatever information you can within the message to inform us about the issue. For instance it can be useful if you have kept a record of the incident(s), including the time and date(s) they took place, what exactly happened and who was involved.

An officer will contact you and discuss ways in which we can work together to tackle the ASB.